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When I look at the audience out there it's like I'm looking at my children.
~Stevie Nicks, Record Mirror, May 20, 1989


[On her fans] Well, you know, let's see what is my relationship the fans? It's ~ it's everything, it is everything for me you know to know that people um love my music is like you know it completes my life it gives my life closure and makes me understand what all this has been for.
~Stevie Nicks interview WMGK Radio, July 1998


I didn't want to be just this chiffon girl. I need to really, really write for them and need them to know it. From that point, I set upon developing an intimate relationship with the kids who listen. With every song I write, I really try to express a situation. I want people to know if I can get through something, anybody can. I try never to leave them with a depressing feeling.
~ by Rex Rutkoski


I love the fact that I have that connection with my fans, but it's not something I let myself be terribly conscious of, because it's kind of overwhelming.
~Stevie Nicks, New Album, Tour, Reflect On Nicks' 'Enchanted' Life By Gary Graff, April 15, 1998

Us Festival 1983
Us Festival 1983
Us Festival 1983

So this is like for me a very special time, because I feel wild, I'm very wild and so is my audience and there is that incredible ... we are all in love... everybody's in love and I feel it when I walk out on stage ...and they feel it ... and its like, you know, it's really deep and very much all consuming for me.

I said a long time ago, I would not hedge. If I was going to be a writer I was going to write down the truth. I wasn't going to name names and be unkind, but I was going to tell the truth. I don't have any reason to not, and if I am going to write and I going to make these songs experiences that I know everyone of you have had, that when you have that experience and you hear that song, you'll click into it and you will know exactly what I am talking about.

And, those are the only people I care about, the people that understand that, if you read between my lines. No one knows unless you really look. That's the people I write for, because someone needs to write about what is happening to all of us.
~Stevie Nicks, MTV Interview, 1983



Fourth of July 1996 Fourth of July 1996

Once I write a song that connects with people, they don't ever forget that connection. So I think a lot of connections were made in the very, very beginning that made it last through now. Because those were such strong ties that were made then, that they just were never broken.
~Stevie Nicks, Behind the Music, VH1 1998
(photo of Stevie by Bear of Brandi's Dream)


[Do you ever encounter fans more spiritual or spaced out than you?] Yes. I came out the stage door the other night and a girl was crying, hysterically. I can never walk away from someone in tears, so I asked what was wrong. She said, 'Will you sign my arm?' I did. The next night, she was back-with her other arm tattooed with my name! I grabbed her and told her, 'Don't ever do that again. Don't ever have someone take a knife and cut into your arm with my name. It's not funny. It's stupid and I'm not happy about it.' Her reaction was more tears.

Another night, one of her friends asked me to sign her arm. I said, 'I did that the other day and the girl went out and had her arm tattooed.'

'Oh, she's my best friend,' the girl said. So I told her, 'I'm not touching your arm. And if I ever find out that you got my name tattooed on you anyway, I'll sue. Don't put that on me. That's pain. I'm not here to bring pain. I'm here to bring you out of pain.' It bummed me out. I felt like I should have gone back inside, like I'd come out the wrong door.
~Stevie Nicks Playboy Interview, 1982

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