I danced around as Isadora Duncan at four years old. And my parents said 'What are we gonna do?' I'd pay my brother 50 cents a week, just to dance with me, just because I loved to dance so much. I didn't want to go to ballet school every day, and study, and kill myself either; because I knew I couldn't bluff my way through, say Russian ballet. So I had to figure out another way to do something wonderful without working at it. So as a real little girl I started singing along with the Beach Boys, learning all the words ... Working out my routine, sort of, and that's not easy when the mirror starts at right where your chest starts, and you're trying to work out the whole stage show, but that's what I did.
~From the book "Everything You Want to Know About Stevie Nicks" by Ethlie Ann Vare and Ed Ochs (1984)


[On her Russian ballet lessons she has been taking four times a week] My neck is stretching out and I'm walking around all graceful. At three in the morning I'm doing plies. I'm not trying to be a prima ballerina - at twenty-nine it's too late for that - but I figure that I can be good.
~Stevie Nicsk, Random Notes Rolling Stone Magazine, 1978


That whole winged thing I do comes out of modern jazz and all the weird dancing I took. And it's just me. I've always been fascinated by flight, ballet, high jumps, big movements, big, big hand gestures. I'm just a person who likes to go on-stage and entertain people.
~Stevie Nicks, Interview Magazine, July 1998


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[My ballet room in Phoenix ] has a really fabulous ballet bar that some fan carved for me. It has my name and the year. It's wood, and it's just beautiful. I built this room around this bar.
~ Stevie Nicks, Q & A Rolling Stone, September 22, 1994


[Lindsey will] have all these beautiful songs that are instrumentals for months. They have gorgeous melodies, layer upon layer of guitars. I exercise to his tapes, practice ballet to them.
~Stevie Nicks, BAM Magazine, 1981


I'm not a player. I'm the dancer and singer. I just want to get up there and dance and twirl my baton.
~Stevie Nicks, BAM Magazine, 1981


My ballet teacher believes that my head was cut off in another life, too. I totally give with my body except for my neck. Even if I go to the beauty salon, I can't put my head back. They have to hold it or it will drop. The same thing happens when I dance or get a massage. It's very weird.
~Stevie Nicks, Playboy Magazine, 1982


I'm a real entertainer. If I were born fifteen years earlier, I now would have been on Broadway, as a ballet dancer, singer, perhaps even a tap dancer. "
~ Stevie Nicks, H P de Tijd, April 30, 1977 by Peter van Bruggen


[On why she has converted the ballet room in her Phoenix house into a guest bedroom] Keeping a big room for nothing but ballet is kind of a waste. I do Pilates now. But once a ballerina, always a ballerina.
~Stevie Nicks, Time Out New York Interview, April 26, 2001 (issue #292)


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