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Many years ago...I'll just share this little tiny story with you. I know I'll be shot down in flames, but I want to tell you this so I don't care. Many years ago we came and played Dallas... Fleetwood Mac. Mick's dad was dying of cancer and he had to fly there ~ get there right after the Dallas show within 45 minutes before Mike died.. and so I went to Gordon's studio and I recorded Beauty and the Beast here. And this song kind of went down in the history of the scheme of my life.. and when I die there will be a few moments that I will remember and that was one of them in this little church recording studio where we recorded Beauty and the Beast. Everybody has to remember how special everybody is... and this is the story of Beauty and the Beast... how special we are to each other... You let me into your life here. Thank you very much. Read the story of Beauty and the Beast if you can.
~Stevie Nicks, Wild Heart concert Dallas, September 5, 1983


Besides the fact that Beauty and The Beast to me is a story of desperation (see the Jean Cocteau film) and besides the fact that Beauty and The Beast surrounds me everywhere ~ everybody I know is either being the Beauty or the Beast ~ the experience of recording this song was so special.

BeautyIt began as a piano demo done in Lori's husband, Gordon Perry's studio in Dallas; the room is just magical, a church. Lori later sent me a tape with beautiful voices on it, and Sharon and I tried to duplicate it but we couldn't. So we got all the original vocalists together in New York and recorded it live.

We brought the orchestra in for a three-hour live session ~ and I'm someone who's oblivious to being able to do anything in the studio in a mere three hours! I knew they were gonna pack their little violin cases and walk away from me in no time; meanwhile Roy Bittan's playing piano just like I do, real simple, and that's hard for a good pianist to do, and everybody's watching me ~ nobody has done a live session in years, no Stevie Nicks has walked in in a long black dress to sing Beauty and the Beast with champagne for all these men in probably as long as they can remember, even 30 years ago.

I wanted them to feel like they were the most special orchestra that ever existed, for that night. They walked in, played, and left, and it's like they don't even have any idea what they gave me, how precious it is.
~Stevie Nicks, Wild Heart Press Kit Notes, 1983

My favorite old movie is Beauty and the Beast, the 1946 one, and I love Mary, Queen of Scots. I love those kinds of movies. I can watch these movies over and over again. I love anything that is wonderful, and it can have some sadness. I don't mind that, but like evil, bad things, I don't like them in my life.
~Stevie Nicks, High Times Magazine March 1982 Interview by Liz Derringer


This is the story of a man who is a prince who gets turned into a beast, and in order to be turned back into the prince…into the man…he has to find somebody that likes him because he's just wonderful not because he's really kind of unattractive and a beast. So this is the story of the beast and his search for his beauty.
~Stevie Nicks, September 25, 1983 ~ The City of Hope Benefit in Tempe, Arizona


We video'd Beauty and the Beast. It's a live take. The voice and the orchestra live. The girls went in right after we finished, three hours later and put their beautiful harmonies on it and we were done.
~Stevie Nicks, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1983


Beauty and the Beast
written for Mick Fleetwood
inspired by the Jean Cocteau and his early French film about Beauty and the Beast
dedicated to Vincent and Katherine

We recorded this live in New York, with Roy Bittan playing grand piano, and Paul Buckmaster doing the strings and conducting the orchestra, and me and the background singers, all at the same time. It was like we had gone back in time; we all wore long black dresses, and served champagne, and recorded it all in one room...When it was over, I walked out with this elderly gentleman who played violin...and the generation gap ceased to exist.

I also remember Mick and I years later at the Red Rocks Rock A Little video. He had come by himself to play, and he stayed there with me all night (in the rain) to do close-ups...everyone else had left.

Who is the beauty, and who is the beast...? Which one of you? Have you ever really been able to answer that? I have, it took a long time, but I finally did... find the answer.
~Stevie Nicks,Timespace Liner Notes, 1991

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