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Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark [was the record that changed my life]. I was over at Fleetwood Mac producer Keith Olson's house and he had these great speakers that were as tall as me, and Joni's record had just come out, and I put it on. He went away, it was just me, and I listened to this record for three days. She was able to stuff so many words into one sentence and not have them sound crowded.

She was talking about what it was like to be very famous and to be a woman living in a man's world. She had been in the world of fame much longer than me, and she had gone out with every famous rock 'n' roll star that there was. And she was such an amazing guitarist that they all respected her. That was unheard of. She was in the boy's club. She talked about what I saw coming. Even though Buckingham Nicks had tanked, I knew that we were going to be very famous, very rich, and it was like a great old premonition just being laid out in front of me. There is a song on it called The Same Situation and that song just would kill me when I'd hear it. Because I knew it was coming.
~Stevie Nicks, Elle Magazine, July 2009

If you believe in destiny ~ which I do ~ it seems like my life was pretty mapped out. It seems almost like there was somebody up there moving the chess players. And I was the white queen, and I just went where I was moved....
~Stevie Nicks, Us Magazine, July 9, 1990

Yeah, I think I had a definite glimpse 'cause I loved my writing, I thought I was very good. Nobody else really did ~ but I did, and Robin did, my friend listened to me and she said, 'Hey, that's not bad, keep writing maybe you'll be rich someday,' Cause I knew I was never going to be a good person to get up at 8 and be at an office at 9 [a.m.] and drive in traffic at 5:30. I knew instinctively, as a pretty little girl that I wasn't gonna be happening for the office soon as I wrote the song [her first song I've Loved and I've Lost] that cinched it.
~Stevie Nicks, RKO Starsound Special Radio Interview, 1981

This next song is a song that ~ I just finished telling this to the people in San Francisco last night ~ that I wrote in San Francisco when I went up there in 1973 to kind of cool out from L.A.. And I met somebody. And I didn't know whether or not I wanted to come back to Los Angeles, to Lindsey or not. So I had to make a decision. And, the decision obviously was to go back to Los Angeles and do this thing, this song is called Destiny.
~Stevie Nicks, Live Concert at Irvine Meadows, August 31, 1994

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Usually something that I get a feeling for is so quickly done that I do feel like it's just coming from something, or like somebody is telling me a story, and I'm telling it on paper. Because I don't know where these ideas come from ~ I don't go looking for them ~ there's no dolphins or stars [she had written a song last night about a dolphin and a star], there's all comes out of my head. And sometimes I think that it must be my grandmother or my great-aunt Sara, or somebody that is telling me something. I'd be very upset if it ever stopped, 'cause it's truly my first love.
~Stevie Nicks, Off the Record Interview, 1982

I only saw Janis Joplin one time ~ on a hot summer day in San Jose, California, at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds. We [Lindsey and I] were opening a big outdoor show for her, and because of that, I got to stay on-stage and watch the other bands. I don't exactly know what I expected, but I did not expect what I witnessed.

She was extraordinary. She had a connection with the audience that I had not seen before, and when she left the stage ~ I knew that a little bit of my destiny had changed ~ I would search to find that connection that I had seen between Janis and her audience. In a blink of an eye ~ she changed my life.
~Stevie Nicks, Liner Notes from the CD Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Co. Live at Winterland '68

[The duo] Buckingham/Nicks had to bite the bullet for Fleetwood Mac, That's a choice. We'll never quite know exactly what would have happened if we had gone the other way. ...

And of course, that's the thing that Lindsey probably gets the most upset about in his heart sometimes ~ he wonders what would have happened if it had just been the two of us. ... Which is not to say we don't love Fleetwood Mac. We do. But it would have been a whole other life. Destiny would have just knocked it a whole other way.
~Stevie Nicks, The Toledo Blade, May 18, 1998

Every day I feel I have to do something, whether it's write a paragraph or sit at the piano for five minutes or go to the studio for a little while. If I don't feel I've done something worthwhile every day then I feel worthless. I feel always that I want to live up to my end of the bargain, that I was given something by God, and He asks only that I give Him back something.
~Stevie Nicks, Musicians in Tune,1992

[On whether twenty-five years ago or when she as a little girl could have ever imagined what her life was going to be like] You know a lot of people ask me that and I, and I think about it seriously and I think about the song I wrote when I was seventeen and its called I never promised you a Rose Garden, and it really goes into this whole thing about now I have a big house with pillars standing all around, and a garden with roses men to love me, and acres of land, I was seventeen years old, how could I have had any idea, you know how could I have really known, but I think there's a little bit of me that did know, I just really do.
~Stevie Nicks, WMGK Radio Interview, July 1998

There were times when I was between twenty and twenty-seven ~ when I joined Fleetwood Mac ~ that my dad would say, 'How long are you going to do this? You have no money, you're not happy, you work constantly, you work at restaurants, you clean houses, you get sick very easily, you're living in Los Angeles, you don't have any friends, why are you doing this?' And I would just say, 'Because it's just what I came here to do.'
~Stevie Nicks, Musicians in Tune,1992

I believe I was definitely sent down here to take people away for a little while, to make them happy.
~Stevie Nicks, Musicians in Tune,1992

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