I always put something at the end that says there's hope. You know, 'When the rain washes you clean you'll know.' And that's an old Indian [Native American] custom...that if it rains ~ something like that ~ when somebody dies, if it rains their spirit is set free.
~In the Studio with Fleetwood Mac, www3.rocktrop


Dreams was uh about Lindsey and I ~ it was me trying to be philosophic once again, Whether or not I succeeded I don't know. I love the song Dreams. I never get tired of singing Dreams.
~Stevie Nicks, The Source, 1981

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Love affairs are timeless, I mean, they don't change. That's why these songs [on Rumours] are timeless, I think. And that's why they're timeless to me and that's why I can walk out on the stage today and still sing them... and still feel the same way as when I wrote them is because I can remember so how I felt at that point, and I can remember the tears, and I can remember how hard it was for me to play Dreams the first time, for the whole band, because I know it would probably really upset Lindsey, and probably really upset Chris and John, and probably really upset Mick and really upset me. And if I could even get through it I'd be lucky.
~In the Studio with Fleetwood Mac, www3.rocktrop

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When we were first recording the Rumours record we spent two months in Sausalito at the Record Plant, and as far as I'm concerned that's when we actually recorded the record. It took another eight months after that , but the tracks were all done there. Um, while they're doing all kinds of stuff and there's nothing for me to do, I went next door to Sly Stone's studio within the building, this big like black and red room with a kind of a stairway that went down into this like kind of tunnel thing where people would set up and play around this like light house sort of setup. And I took my little Fender Rhodes piano in there and I wrote Dreams. And I spent about an hour in there, and then I went back in to Fleetwood Mac and actually was brave enough to just play, play it for them, cause I really thought it was good, [smiles] and uh, and they liked it and we recorded it that night. That is the story of Dreams.
~Stevie Nicks, VH1 Storytellers, 1998


Lindsey writes Go Your Own Way and I write Dreams! I write philosophically, he writes angry! So yes, a lot of the stuff that, you know, little sentences or stuff that he would say would upset me! However, as a songwriter, I have to respect that he's gonna write about what's happening to him, and so am I. So I could never say to him, you know, back off! ... stop writing songs about me, because that was his life then and that's when the best songs are written and it doesn't really matter who breaks up with who at that point, that's when everybody writes the best songs ... and that's what happened on Rumours! I mean, maybe we would have killed each other if we hadn't have been able to write those songs, you know ... if we hadn't have been able to put that energy into the music and rise above it that way, then maybe we would have just gone totally freaked out on each other!
~BBC Radio 2 radio special, Rumours, November 11th, 1998.

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