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I developed [my clothing style] before the Rumours album with my designer, Margi Kent, that I met in the first year of Fleetwood Mac. I told her, 'I need to have uniform. We have to think of something that looks good. We can make three skirts, three tops, and have your shoes and your little, you know....a couple of wraps and jackets and you’re ready to go.' And that’s what I did. And the outfit that’s on the Rumours cover is exactly the same outfit that’s on the Shangri-La cover. It’s the same outfit that’s on the Bella Donna cover. It’s timeless...it’s a timeless outfit, and it has made my life much easier because I don’t ever have to think about it.

...My black skirt and my little black French corset and my little black top and my black tights and my black boots....it’s just what I always wear, it’s my uniform, you know...
~Stevie Nicks, Spotight on Stevie Nicks, 96.1 WSRS, August 5, 2001


I'm timeless, I got that Dickensian, London street-urchin look in high school. I'll never be in style, but I'll always be different.
~Stevie Nicks, USA Today, October 16, 1991

The princess on-stage is my combination of Natalia Makarova and Greta Garbo and the elegant rock & roll that I love...it's hard to be a fairy princess fifty percent of the time and just be a nice lady the other half. But I like my real self better. I don't walk around the house in dripping chiffon.
~Stevie Nicks, Rolling Stone, 1981

I had my hair streaked at the end of the my tenth-grade year and got in a lot of trouble for it. They didn't just streak it blond...they streaked it silver. My hair was totally ivory. I was grounded for six weeks. But when my hair changed, everything changed. I got to wear grayish plum eye shadow. There was no way I was going back.
~Stevie Nicks, Allure , 1995

We [she and Buckingham] were the opening act for Janis Joplin ~ I must have been eighteen ~ when I saw this girl in the audience wearing a mauvy pink chiffon skirt and very high cream suede boots. Her hair was kind of Gibson [Gibson Girl] -she she had some pink ribbons- and I thought that's it.
~Stevie Nicks, on someone who influenced her look, Glamour, 1981

Buckingham Nicks album cover 1973Lindsey and I] were really poor when we took that picture [Buckingham Nicks album cover], and I went out and spent my last $111 on a really beautiful, very sexy blouse. And they agreed to do half the session in the blouse, and I thought 'Oh, I'll win. They'll love this blouse, and they're gonna love the way I look.' Well halfway through the session, one of the photographers came over and said, 'Okay, it's time to take off the blouse,' and I died. it was awful, you know....

And maybe that has a lot to do with why I went from that [points to Buckingham Nicks cover] to that [points to Rumours cover]. Because I said, 'All right, that's it. We're gonna work this out so that I still have an image and a vibe, but instead of going in the direction that a lot of the women singers are going in now, I'll be very, very sexy under 18 pounds of chiffon and lace and velvet. And nobody will know what I really am. I will have a mystique. None of these other people will have a mystique, but I will.' And I have that mystique. That's one thing that I'm real proud of.
~Stevie Nicks, Us Magazine, July 23 1990

Over the years they've become really supersticious things for me. They're like special good luck charms.
~Stevie Nicks, on her favorite dresses and shawls, Boston Globe, July 14, 1991

stevie 2006 in cream[As a little girl] I dreamed only about giving a little fairy tale to people. That's what the outfit is on my album cover [Bella Donna], that's what that bird is. That bird belongs to my brother, that's the only reason I could work with a wild animal. That's Max on the front. With my clothes and the things that I wear, I have so much fun with them. I was talking to a lady today and when we were talking about dress-up and about how much fun dress-up used to be. And if there was a trunk in the attic, I was in it looking. And I would rather wear that drape than anything you could sell me from Bloomingdale's. I don't like all that stuff...My fantasy is giving a little bit of the fairy princess to all the people out there that maybe don't have the Hans Christian Andersen books, and the Grimm's fairy tales. If that's the only thing I can do for them, well, that's fine.
~Stevie Nicks, High Times, 1982

I've always liked long, flowing clothes,...I used to rummage around in my grandmother's trunks trying to find them. I love the feeling of chiffon and lace.
~Stevie Nicks, Record Mirror May 20th, 1989

I remember being in Aspen, having just written Landslide and Rhiannon walking around in the snow in a bunny coat, a pair of patchwork jeans that I'd spend my last $30 on, and these very high platform shoes that were kind of beige, kind of cream-colored. They had humongous platform that made me really tall so that I didn't have to cut of the fabulous bottoms of the jeans. Even when platforms went completely out of style, I kept wearing them because I didn't want to go back to being five feet three in a pair of heels.
~Stevie Nicks, Allure, 1995

The outfit I wear on the cover of Bella Donna is the same as the one I wore on Rumours, except it's opposite, it's white. It's a strange turn-around that I've come from black to white.... It [the outfit] was my idea, six years ago. Margi Kent designed it. She just keeps making it longer. The boots...She makes everything, and these are my boots that my little Jewish cobbler who's seventy years old makes. A five-foot one-inch-tall person needs six inches. Onstage especially. Standing next to Mick Fleetwood is ridiculous. Anybody standing next to Mick is ridiculous, so imagine a five-footer. You blend into his drums, which he loves because then he's the star. So I say, 'Wait a minute, Mick, I'm going to get tall.' I get far on these boots. They are very out of style and I don't care. I love them. They are beautiful suede and they are soft. I tried to get this boot a long time ago, and it was going out then. We searched London, and I found one pair that was like a size five, and I wear a five and a half or six, but I bought them anyway. I stuffed my little feet into them.
~Stevie Nicks, High Times, 1982

[I have} about 25 pairs. I have them in rose pink and gray blue and mauve. I have three or four pairs I wear every night.
~Stevie Nicks, on her platform boots, Rolling Stone, 1994

Believe me, when I stop singing I'm gonna have a garage sale like you're not gonna believe. We're talking chiffon, chiffon, and more chiffon.
~Stevie Nicks, comment made on the Wild Heart tour 1983

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