You know when I walk out on the stage it's like that's when I'm really me...They almost had to take me off the stage with a hook to pull me off the stage at the US festival. People say to me there's never a look on your face like there is the look that is on your face when you're on that stage. Cause that's where I belong and I'm not near as good at home or at a party on an airplane or anywhere else. I'm at home on a stage with those kids...
~Stevie Nicks, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1983


It's very lonely on the road. It's especially lonely for the girls. As Christine has said to me many times, 'Stevie, this is your passion. It is not my passion.'
~Stevie Nicks, Interview, April 14, 2001


[Edge if Seventeen] That's my favorite thing onstage. Of all time. It beats Rhiannon even. I don't know there's just something about it that when I hear that da-da-da -da-da thing that just makes me, mean, I really... thats it, then it's all worth it.
~Stevie Nicks, Earth News, Songs of Stevie Nicks, 1981


I get very bad stage fright. I get terrible butterflies and it's not pleasant. It has always happened to me. Once I walk out onstage it's fine; all the nerves go away. But the six hours leading up to the shows are very hard for me.
~Stevie Nicks, Interview, April 14, 2001


[Do you have any tips on stage presentation?] Believe in yourself when you walk out on that stage. If you believe in yourself you can make everyone else believe in you.
~Stevie Nicks, Sonic Net Yahoo Chat, 1998


[Fleetwood Mac] would walk up those stairs every night and there were 20 thousand people, or 30 thousand people or 50 thousand people or 75 thousand people or 10 people that are there to see you and its like forget it, everything else doesn't matter, and this is where we most want to be.
~Stevie Nicks, Molly Meldrum Interview, 1985


My wonderful fans, my little, teeny, tiny 10-year-old fans and my big, grown-up 45-year-old fans always wrote and said, 'We love our songs,' and they'd make me feel good. It's the peer support that I had to work real hard for. But then I would walk out on stage and all those people would smile and they'd know the words and it would be alright.
~Hit Parader Magazine September 1983


[Do you still get nervous on stage?] Very much..I have terrible stage fright, if we're doing four shows a week, it gets less, you get used to it but things like the the Grammys, [the Rock and Roll] Hall of Fame, I start getting nervous three days before... those things are hard for me.
~Stevie Nicks, Sonic Net Yahoo Chat, 1998


When you come back to your hotel, and you've been in front of fifteen thousand people...I would like to sit down in the audience and talk to them about what's happened. Bring like a podium up and ask questions and have everybody tell me what they think. It's very hard to just walk away from them. You certainly don't go to sleep; you can't. It's like falling in love with somebody and having yourself turn into a pumpkin and you're back mopping the floor. That's the hardest thing-all that energy around you and walking away from it. You have much less than they do because you come back to a motel, they go home. If I could go home after every concert and have my puppies and my cats and my friends, whoever, it wouldn't be so difficult. To go back by myself to a hotel room is a real downer.
~Stevie Nicks, High Times, 1982


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