Back then, Long Distance Winner was very much about dealing with Lindsey. How else can I say it?

'I bring the water down to you / But you're too hot to touch.'

What the song is really all about is a difficult artist, saying, 'I adore you, but you're difficult, and I'll stay here with you, but you're still difficult.' And the line 'Sunflowers and your face fascinate me' means that your beauty fascinates me, but I still have trouble dealing with you ~ and I still stay. So it's really just the age-old story, you know? Meaning the inability to live with someone and the inability to live without them.
~Billboard Magazine, interview by Timothy White, 1998



I liked Long Distance Winner 'cause it was real kind of Greek, European... you know, like that kind of ethnic sort of a [sings a beat] 'duh, duh, duh, duh , dut da duh...' And it was wonderful on stage, and it was about Lindsey and it was, you know, a heavy kind of song about our relationship. Now see I probably would have loved that song much more because I would really sing it now. I wasn't very confident with my voice when I was in BuckinghamNicks ~ I didn't think I had a very good voice, so I didn't try very hard, I just basically sort of tried to back Lindsey up and make him better.
~Stevie Nicks, Earth News Special, The Songs of Stevie Nicks, 1982

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When I went to sequence this whole thing I didn't want to do it chronologically, I wanted to do the songs that sounded good next to each other and it didn't matter if it was 1973 Buckingham Nicks or if it was 1997 Twister. So that's why on the beginning of the third disc it has Twister going into Long Distance Winner. It's amazing, those two songs to me, what an incredible detour I went around to get from singing fairly the same on a fairly similar song. So that's what I tried to do. I tried to make there be no time. This was like one long enchanted recording session.
~KLOS Jim Ladd Interview, June 1, 1998


[On Long Distance Winner] It was really Lindsey and me and the kind of cool thing about it is that I don't think Lindsey and I will ever again do anything that is that Lindsey and me. So that's ~ there ~ you know, I don't think we can ever be BuckinghamNicks, because that was when it was beginning, and that was when we practiced more than we've ever practiced since. And we spent more time together and we communicated more. And he really worked on my songs with a ~ with a fever, you know.
~Stevie Nicks, Earth News Special, The Songs of Stevie Nicks, 1982

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