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We kinda rock a little all our life we rock ~ I did ~ I rocked in my cradle for sure and ah, then in mid-life you sort of rock on your feet and then you move onwards to a rocking chair at some point, probably, so that's kind of what Rock a Little means. It means to rock and roll all your life.
~Stevie Nicks, MTV clip, 1985

[Rock A Little] was also written before Bella Donna came out...and I've had most of the song ~ in fact, I mean really the entire ralbw.gif - 32.84 K[singing ] Sometimes it rages that was about the ocean you know ~ that ~ like shook my house and scared me to death every night ~ 'cause I thought it was an earthquake. [Singing] Rock a little/ Even when it's calm the house still shook a little/ Just like the sea I rock a little/ Some say it was just like me ~ Rock a little. That mean's cool out. Relax. Okay. Just rock a little all the time and you won't die.
~Stevie Nicks, Jim Ladd Interview, 1986

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I'm Lily. ...I've been Lily for a long time, actually because in my writing ~ in my book and everything ~ I, when I write about me and my friend Robin who everybody knows that I lost to leukemia I wrote about her and I as Lily and Julia ~ Julia and Lillian Hellman ~ so that movie [Julia] ~ you know with Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave ~ so Robin looked incredibly like Vanessa Redgrave and I ~ I was very Jane Fonda you know. And our relationship was very much like this like you know ~ come on across the river but don't forget to tell me that you're really afraid so in case you fall in I'll be expecting it. Don't lie to me and say 'Alright ~ I'll do it because you think I'm brave.'
~Stevie Nicks, Mary Turner "Off the Record" Interview, 1986

The Other Side of the Mirror came from…well first it was going to be Mirror Mirror, that was going to the name of Rock A Little. And then, because the song Mirror Mirror didn't end up going on the record because I didn't like the way it turned out, I changed it to Rock A Little because Rock A Little became the lead song.
~Stevie Nicks, Atlantic Records video interview, 1986

Rock a little means perseverance ~ Rock a little means rock a little all the time. If you rock out, you may not rock any more.
~Stevie Nicks, Mary Turner "Off the Record" Interview, 1986

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